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Welcome to the new normal.
Introducing an advanced, multilayer heat-detection system for noninvasive, autonomous monitoring of crowds
Highly accurate results
Autonomous identification of temperatures higher than 37.5 C /99.5 F in milliseconds
On-the-move detection
Operators alerted immediately and discreetly (optional silent alarm) of potential carriers
Simple installation & deployment
Extremely small footprint; no fixed infrastructure or external equipment for fast, efficient operation
Autonomous decision-making
No additional workforce required for the cyber-secured, cloud-based system


The 9/11 attacks dramatically changed how we travel. In many ways, the coronavirus (Covid-19) is expected to cause lasting changes in how we travel, how we shop, and how we live.

To acclimate to the regulations that will be part of our “new normal”, we will need technology to accurately screen visitors, passengers, shoppers, and crowds in environments such as airports, train and bus stations, office buildings, stadiums and shopping malls.

EpidHunter’s advanced noninvasive heat-detection technology will keep the lines moving.


Patent-pending EpidHunter technology enables noninvasive heat detection in crowds by accurately identifying anyone with a temperature higher than 37.5 ºC /99.5 ºF.

The real-time measurement process takes milliseconds and is autonomous, so people do not need to stop, thereby eliminating disruptions or delays in passenger and traffic flow. Continuous integrated calibration ensures highly accurate results even in changing environmental conditions, including outdoors or in vehicles.

The system includes innovative radiometric pattern detection capabilities to efficiently identify and isolate virus carriers without the need to shut down other activities

The system consists of a device and a screen (tablet or computer) for simple installation. No fixed infrastructure, so the system can be deployed at multiple entrances or exits (and is completely portable when required to move to different locations). It’s fully self-contained, so there’s no external blackbody.

The easy-to-use EpidHunter enables autonomous operation without additional workforce or subjective (human) decision-making.

Backed by a lengthy multi-participant study, EpidHunter is the only system to accurately demonstrate the correlation between actual body heat and heat measurement on the face. The EpidHunter system can be used to minimize the spread of viruses such as Covid-19.

Ideal for

Office Buildings
Shopping Centers
Healthcare Facilities

How it Works

About Us

The EpidHunter system was developed by LifeDome, a leader in developing remote heat-detection platforms for more than 25 years. The company has expertise in designing, developing, and manufacturing high-performance imaging solutions for applications in surveillance, defense, homeland security, and industry.

The members of the LifeDome team have years of real-world experience formulating solutions that overcome significant obstacles in a variety of contexts and industries.

Our team

Ron Shoham

What’s new

One small box, a screen, no cables, no external blackbody.
Sensors measure environmental data and an algorithm takes these measurements into account when calculating the subject's true heat.
Based on a long, multi-participant study that accurately demonstrated the correlation between actual body heat and the heat measurement on the face.